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Pet Insurance – Some really aren’t out there to rip you off

Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. While I did decide to get pet insurance for Phoebe, I still wondered if the insurance company was out to rip me off. Now I have to eat my words and give the pet insurance company a... Continue Reading →

Taking the Phoebe Dog to the Beach for the First Time

We did something new and amazing well, amazing for us. We took Phoebe to a beach. I can’t remember the last time I went to the beach. There is something about sitting in traffic, spending hours looking for a place... Continue Reading →

Dog Meets Grandchildren

Today Phoebe was introduced to these little people called grandchildren. She has never been around kids before, so I was a little stressed when the brood knocked on the door. The first thing I did was put Phoebe on a... Continue Reading →

Getting Back in Shape Now That The Paw is Healed

We had our final vet visit last week. Phoebe is good to go, play and be a dog! I have so much to catch up on. I guess in blog world, I can write about past events as if they are... Continue Reading →

My Choco-Dot Dog

When we got Phoebe the fur on her body was predominantly white. She came to us with mange, and has been through a few seasonal sheds. For the most part, she has had a cruddy coat (thin enough to see... Continue Reading →

Phoebe is getting awful bored…

This is about the extent of Phoebe's fun these days. Yeah. It sucks.

One way to get a free pedicure for your dog

Yeah. It's a little warped. Indulge me a moment while I bring you up to speed. Admittedly, I have been lame on the posts. Primarily because Phoebe has been lame with her broken paw issue. We made things worse the... Continue Reading →

Phoebe’s Special Guest

Phoebe has been feeling a bit yukky lately. Having heard this, Jamie hopped on his horse and came to save her. Now she feels so much better.

Hyper Happy Dog

That is what came from the vet's record. "GEN - BARH hyper happy dog, mm pk, CRT 1s" Translated: I assume that GEN means general. The rest means: Bright, Alert, Responsive,Hydrated hyper happy dog, mucous membrane pink, Capillary refill time... Continue Reading →

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