These are some calculations I have used when making Phoebe’s meals. They are based on the ratios in the blog.

The nutritional information is from the book, “Nutritional Facts Desk Reference” by Dr. Art Ulene.

I am not an expert, so these are just a best effort based on what I do. Numbers are rounded up or down to two decimal points.

In other words, it’s pretty good, but not perfect.

Hopefully it will give you a general idea of how many calories you are dishing out and help you see where nutrient may be lacking.

  • If you use different amounts, change the number in the ounces column to reflect the amount you are using.
  • If your dog needs less, or more, than 16 ounces day, change the number in the row called “Amount fed per day”
  • If you want to mix and match, you will need to add in the calculations for the new item. Oh! the joys of Excel!

I will keep adding new combos as I create them.

Have fun!!