Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.

While I did decide to get pet insurance for Phoebe, I still wondered if the insurance company was out to rip me off. Now I have to eat my words and give the pet insurance company a gold star.

I received a letter in the mail today from the pet insurance company. I was thinking. ‘Great. They are raising the rates or cancelling my policy because I submitted so many claims when Phoebe broke her paw‘. To my pleasant surprise, they were writing to give me money.

Apparently, I did not cash a $170 reimbursement check they sent back in May. I had so many claims going on it must have gotten lost ion the shuffle. Anyway, the company wanted to confirm my address so they could mail me a new check. Wow!

I don’t recall ever having a company contact me to make sure I got paid. Most just put a “void after 6 months” notation and forget about it. I have an $11 check from the IRS that has been sitting here for well over a month. I highly doubt they will call to see why I didn’t cash it.

In this day and age with companies trying to skimp wherever they can, receiving a letter about making sure I got paid just made me feel real good. In fact, I am sure it will make it a little less painful to pay the monthly premium – that is, until the $170 bucks is gone.