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Doped Up Dog

Phoebe got a splint on Saturday for a fractured toe bone. The next day, once the drugs wore off, she was hobbling around outside. She saw a squirrel and was g-o-n-e. I was amazed that she could run on a... Continue Reading →

When a Dog Loses Its Squirrel

We have two huge palm trees in our back yard that used to house a great source of fun for Phoebe. I don't know how much you know about palm trees, so I offer a little trivia: for every new... Continue Reading →

My dog will not stop eating

I know.  All dogs love food (some more than others), but Phoebe is obsessed. I mean that literally.  I have tried to find info on the matter, but it seems that every article I read confuses obsession with food aggression; not the... Continue Reading →

This Dog Keeps Stealing my Spot

Oh that dog of mine! Yes. I remember when I vowed that Phoebe would not be allowed on my bed. Then I broke down and let her lie up there as long as she stayed on her own blanket; now... Continue Reading →

A Example of What Happens When You Do Not Put Tags on Your Dog

Yesterday was an interesting day. Two pit bulls roaming around - one nearly killed by a car, another hobbling along in the pouring rain and wind, and four people trying to find the dogs' owners. We all have jobs, so we... Continue Reading →

Heading out on another road trip

I am trying to pack and my little fashionista decides to lay on top of all the clothes I had laid out. Then she starts picking through them and tossed a few on the floor. Thanks Phoebe,  but I will... Continue Reading →

Dogs Can be Deliberately Mischievous

Oh! Phoebe has been in a mischievous little mood lately. Odds are she tempts fate every day; however, today her game is off and she keeps getting busted. I normally don't have a camera handy, but I happened to be... Continue Reading →

Some Fears Do Pass Without Our Help

Not long ago I wrote a post about Phoebe's seemingly sudden fears of several things. I was over-analyzing and going out of my way to try things that would reduce or eliminate the fear. I received a comment that politely pointed... Continue Reading →

Road trip – day three and four

After three days on the road, we made it to San Diego; boy were we happy! Phoebe is a great traveler. It was a whole new environment and I fully expected her to show signs of anxiety.  Instead, I saw... Continue Reading →

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