That is what came from the vet’s record.

“GEN – BARH hyper happy dog, mm pk, CRT 1s”

Translated: I assume that GEN means general. The rest means: Bright, Alert, Responsive,Hydrated hyper happy dog, mucous membrane pink, Capillary refill time 1 second

It makes me laugh. I am glad the vet sees her as being happy. True. Phoebe does turn into psycho gal the first 15 minutes after being paroled from the prison called home. She certainly has a spunky way about her. Alright,  I admit it. There is a fine line between spunk and obnoxious. At home it is called spunkiness; at the pet store it is called obnoxious.

I keep trying to catch her doing her bunny-hop-skip-jump routine, but it is kind of hard to catch when I am the one always holding the camera. I guess that is why I take the easy route and show her being a lazy-bones. I mean, really! how many pictures can one take of their dog sleeping? Obviously, a lot!

Hyper, Happy, Sleeping dog
Hyper, Happy, Sleeping dog

I really don’t know how people get all those cute pictures of their pups doing cool dog stuff or making adorable faces There has to be a trick to it. Until then, let’s just pretend she is a sleeping angel – yeah right!