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The Quirky Life of a Rescue Dog



Moving Made My Dog Stress Out Big Time

I know moving is stressful, but I didn't know how stressful it is for dogs until Phoebe had a little "nervous breakdown". When we got the bright idea to move across country I did not even consider the possibility of... Continue Reading →

Sojos Day 10

As i suspected, Phoebe's coat is looking better after 10 days. Whoo Whoo!                   This is a proclamation about the benefit of feeding your dog good food. Sojos just happened to be... Continue Reading →

Switching to Sojos Dog Food – Let’s See How it Goes

It's no secret that Phoebe is not the healthiest dog in the world. Nor is it a secret that I firmly believe that the fundamental ticket to a healthy dog is healthy diet, and a healthy dog has a healthy... Continue Reading →

If you like the smell of dog farts, buy crappy dog food

In I can smell crappy dog food a mile away. Literally. I can never emphasize enough the importance of feeding your dog a quality diet. Even if you do not see a negative reaction, it still takes its toll on your... Continue Reading →

It’s funny how a sick dog can get you to clean your house

Well,we have had a fun couple of days. I have been battling my computer for a couple of weeks, so all my blog catch ups that I was going to plow through are piling up again. Enough of that. Now... Continue Reading →

Pet Insurance – Some really aren’t out there to rip you off

Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. While I did decide to get pet insurance for Phoebe, I still wondered if the insurance company was out to rip me off. Now I have to eat my words and give the pet insurance company a... Continue Reading →

Getting Back in Shape Now That The Paw is Healed

We had our final vet visit last week. Phoebe is good to go, play and be a dog! I have so much to catch up on. I guess in blog world, I can write about past events as if they are... Continue Reading →

The Splint Comes Off

It has been four weeks since Phoebe had surgery.  It was time for the splint to come off (she has broken two in a row, neither lasting more than few days). If I knew how she broke those splints I... Continue Reading →

Funny what long term limited activity does to a dog

Oh man! Phoebe was on crate rest far longer than I wanted (I think I will write a post on that - it may be after the fact, but could be helpful). Phoebe was released from crate rest shortly before... Continue Reading →

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