Phoebe's Tails

The Quirky Life of a Rescue Dog

Rest in Peace, Phoebe

December 2012 - December 2021 Today Phoebe was sent to the land of peace. She was a trooper, as always. Five days ago I took her to the vet because she was acting a bit "off." She got worse so... Continue Reading →

A Love Note to My Phoebe

Phoebe – You have been like an angel in my life since the day you picked me to be your human. You are a loving, smart, people-loving  goofball. You have been my, ‘super duper puppy wuppy dog” for eight and... Continue Reading →

Walking the Dog Does does not Equate to Keeping Your Dog “Active”

We have been gone for a couple of years. I kept wanting to start up again but I could not think of what to write about. Then I got an perfect idea. I decided to start by finishing up all... Continue Reading →

Phoebe hates having her picture taken (Part 2)

I am just digging through old Phoebe pics on my camera. There is definitely no shortage of Phoebe's anti-camera campaign.

Phoebe hates having her photo taken (Part 1)

Yeah. She hates having her picture taken. I decided instead of trying to get a good picture I would create a montage of videos showing how much she avoids the camera. Here is the first one.

Moving Made My Dog Stress Out Big Time

I know moving is stressful, but I didn't know how stressful it is for dogs until Phoebe had a little "nervous breakdown". When we got the bright idea to move across country I did not even consider the possibility of... Continue Reading →

All packed up for a big move across country. I am so glad she is a happy camper in the car.

Papilloma Strikes Again and Thuja Wiped it out Again

It's been a few years since Phoebe had that ugly papilloma wart-like thing. Several weeks ago I saw a little black growth on her nose. It was no more than a slightly raised circle that was just starting to push... Continue Reading →

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