Header_3We had our final vet visit last week. Phoebe is good to go, play and be a dog!

I have so much to catch up on. I guess in blog world, I can write about past events as if they are current (- ha- ). This is a short little post to get me back in the habit now that I am no longer a full time dog nurse.

Phoebe has been inactive for so long that as a two-year old dog, she sleeps all day and just pokes around like an old dog. It was time to put an end to that.

I took her in the back yard and reintroduced the little game of fetch. I tossed the toy ten feet at most, and told her to go get it. She ran, touched it and then came back for her treat without the toy (it’s a start).  After about ten of these little jaunts she was worn out!

Like humans, when dogs don’t get any exercise, they get out of shape and need to build stamina  slowly. Don’t go taking a sedentary dog on a five mile uphill hike uphill through the woods.

I just have to slowly build up Phoebe’s activity level until she is that hyper little pup I know so well. It’s not a bad thing. As a matter of fact, I could use a good dose of get-off-my-butt. Funny, people usually seek out a buddy when they want to start getting in shape; I pick my dog/ Go figure.