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The Quirky Life of a Rescue Dog



I tried the ThunderLeash and, well…

It wasn't great, but wasn't awful. It was expensive ($29.95). All-in-all Phoebe is pretty good when we go on walks, or shall I say she is good when I take her for a walk. She isn't as well behaved when... Continue Reading →

My dog likes to play with cat toys nowadays

Phoebe acts like a senior dog. She just lies around sleeping all day, takes her sweet time walking around and basically acts like anything but the high energy dog she is. Maybe months of crate rest and limited activity has left her... Continue Reading →

Leash Agression – Two examples of what you do not want to do

I am ticked off. Strike that, I am double ticked off. A run in with a leash aggressive dog, followed immediately by a run in with an ignorant dog owner resulted in one unhappy dog owner (me). Keeping your dog... Continue Reading →

Letting Your Dog Run by Taking it on a Bike Trip

Yahoo! I got Phebe hooked up to the bike! Just as suggested, I  parked the bike in the living room. Once Phoebe got used to that I moved it right across from her lounge chair. When she stopped staring at... Continue Reading →

Possesion Aggression

She growled at me. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just backed off and furiously scoured the Web. At that moment, something between me and Phoebe changed. The dog who adopted me, follows me around like a shadow... Continue Reading →

Getting Started with Recall Training

Recall is the single most important thing you need to teach your dog.  It is something that must be mastered and ingrained, so that your dog will stop on a dime and come back when called, regardless of where they... Continue Reading →

The First Step Towards Becoming a Therapy Dog

Phoebe is on her fifth week of obedience class, and she has been doing so well. One of the trainers taught us he how to help Phoebe remain calm when she runs across another dog, or gets excited when she... Continue Reading →

Leash Reactivity

I had a wake-up call the other day. Phoebe and I were out for a walk, and she had her nose to the ground sniffing the entire time.  The net result was a lot of tugging forward or dragging behind.... Continue Reading →

Correct Way to Put on a Choke Collar

Choke collar, choke chain, chain collar - whatever you call it, if you do not put it on correctly and use it correctly, you can choke your dog. End of subject. A few rules of the road: These are not... Continue Reading →

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