Phoebe's Tails

The Quirky Life of a Rescue Dog



Too-Easy-To-Make Ice Treats

It has been over a 100 degrees the past few days. Phoebe is taking it quite well. She is panting a bit, but seems to be perfectly comfortable lying on the tiled floor. Everyone is feeling pretty miserable. We do... Continue Reading →

Training Treats and Food Obsessed dog

Phoebe loves her food, there is no doubt about that. I just wish I get her to pay attention to something other than food once in awhile - like maybe a hand signal or simple command. When we go to... Continue Reading →

Treats Made in the USA – or Not?

By now, I think all dog owners are aware of the risk of giving their dogs treats made in China. They have been linked to hundreds of dog deaths. No need to elaborate, a simple Google search will lead you... Continue Reading →

Gluten Free Doggie Treats

I make these doggie treats for Phoebe. I make so many that I wind up shipping them out to friends, who say their dogs love them! I got two of the recipes from other sites, and then took a stab... Continue Reading →

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