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Pet Insurance – Some really aren’t out there to rip you off

Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. While I did decide to get pet insurance for Phoebe, I still wondered if the insurance company was out to rip me off. Now I have to eat my words and give the pet insurance company a... Continue Reading →

Getting Back in Shape Now That The Paw is Healed

We had our final vet visit last week. Phoebe is good to go, play and be a dog! I have so much to catch up on. I guess in blog world, I can write about past events as if they are... Continue Reading →

The Splint Comes Off

It has been four weeks since Phoebe had surgery.  It was time for the splint to come off (she has broken two in a row, neither lasting more than few days). If I knew how she broke those splints I... Continue Reading →

Funny what long term limited activity does to a dog

Oh man! Phoebe was on crate rest far longer than I wanted (I think I will write a post on that - it may be after the fact, but could be helpful). Phoebe was released from crate rest shortly before... Continue Reading →

One way to get a free pedicure for your dog

Yeah. It's a little warped. Indulge me a moment while I bring you up to speed. Admittedly, I have been lame on the posts. Primarily because Phoebe has been lame with her broken paw issue. We made things worse the... Continue Reading →

Another Option for That Non-Healing Dog Toe Bone

We thought we were running out options for this little broken seismoid bone issue. I guess sometimes things have to get worse before one is prompted to make some major changes to get better. At last check we were giving... Continue Reading →

The Toe Bone That Won’t Heal

There has not been much to write about lately. Phoebe's little paw bone still isn't healed. We have been in a perpetual state of crate rest and sedation since February 1st, though it feels like forever. Heck it is now... Continue Reading →

A Thin Paw Fracture + Ignorance = Full Blown Broken Bone

Being human, mistakes are expected. When I make one I prefer to share and let others learn from it. Recently, I made some mistakes when it came to nursing Phoebe's fractured paw; each mistake born out of ignorance. When we... Continue Reading →

Doped Up Dog

Phoebe got a splint on Saturday for a fractured toe bone. The next day, once the drugs wore off, she was hobbling around outside. She saw a squirrel and was g-o-n-e. I was amazed that she could run on a... Continue Reading →

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