It has been four weeks since Phoebe had surgery.  It was time for the splint to come off (she has broken two in a row, neither lasting more than few days). If I knew how she broke those splints I would know how she broke her paw, however the answer eludes me.


Phoebe stayed at the vet’s office all day so the vet could check out Phoebe’s ability to walk without a splint. She walks fine when moving real slow, favors it a bit if she walks a little faster, and won’t use it at all if trotting.

We could have kept the splint, but opted to keep it off and see how she does once she gets the kinks out. It may simply be that she isn’t used to walking normal. She has the same restrictions as.when she had the splint -.No Jumping!!!!!

She is going to go spend the day with vet on Friday (three days from now) so the vet can check progress. Of course, if Phoebe regresses we can go back sooner.

Here’s hoping the saga is over after nearly four months.

Look at those pretty feet. The one on the left had the surgery…and yeah. She needs a nail trim (the least of our concerns)