There has not been much to write about lately.
Phoebe’s little paw bone still isn’t healed. We have been in a perpetual state of crate rest and sedation since February 1st, though it feels like forever. Heck it is now a way a life.

I want my dog back!!!
I want to take her for walks.
I want to watch her chase squirrels.
I want her to come running to the door like a little psychopath when I walk in the front door.
I want her to sit by the dinner table and beg for food, so I can tell her to go lie down.
I want to see her lying in the dirt next to the fence, just soaking up the sun.
I want her to go running to the fence to bark at dogs passing by.
I want her jumping on my bed at 0704 am every day, begging for breakfast.
I want her to hog up my bed at night.
I want my dog back!!!

At the last visit, the vet told us she conferred with a radiologist and that the bone likely won’t heal. It is not horrible news in and of itself. The vet explained that if she could manipulate Phoebe’s paw and not get any pain reaction, then we could remove the splint and see how Phoebe fared. Phoebe would remain on crate rest and gradually increase activity.

The vet did her thing and Phoebe did not have a pain reaction. She did have a slight limp, which could have been attributed to being stiff from being in a splint for so long. We headed home splint free and hopeful, with a follow up appointment set for the next day.

Phoebe did fine when she walked slowly. However, when she picked up some speed, she started to limp. It was not overly alarming. It was quite possible that Phoebe was anticipating pain, getting used to walking on it unsupported or just plain old stiff after weeks of not moving it.

We went to the follow up appointment and the results were the same. The vet squished around Phoebe;s paw and Phoebe did not have any pain reaction. Then the vet took Phoebe for a walk and noticed a slight limp. Since it had only been one day and Phoebe did not seem to be in excruciating pain, we decided to give it another few days. As long as we continued crate rest, it couldn’t get any worse.

Unfortunately, nothing has improved over the past few days. Phoebe still walks fine when she goes real slow, but after she does a big doggie stretch or goes to the bathroom, she turns into a little tender foot.

Tomorrow is the follow up vet appointment and we will need to weigh our options – do nothing and stay on crate rest, put the splint back on and continue crate rest, put in pins, remove the bone, and who knows what else.

Off the cuff, I want to say just remove the bone, let Phoebe and get on with being a spunky dog. In reality, I will need to understand the pros and cons of each option, and make and informed decision. Speaking of informed decisions – I found this book online and have been perusing it. It is not very exciting, but if you are really, really bored one day and want to learn about doggie orthopedics, it’s here for you.

I don’t have anything meaningful to say to wrap up this post, so I guess I will just call it a work in progress and reiterate that I. Want. My. Dog. Back!!590&authkey=!ADjcunEPPWqVpaM&ithint=file%2cpdf