Oh man!

Phoebe was on crate rest far longer than I wanted (I think I will write a post on that – it may be after the fact, but could be helpful).

Phoebe was released from crate rest shortly before her surgery for her broken paw bone. Since her surgery she has only been on limited activity (no jumping, running, and always on a lead when taken outside – I haven’t figured out why; I need to ask the vet).

Limited activities meant we had to take out the doggie door. Phoebe lost the ability to go outside and get away from it all. Freedom is gone; she was (and still is) dependent on us to take her out.

When I take Phoebe out, I put the leash on, take her to the lawn to do her business, and then . take her for a little stroll around the perimeter of the lawn. She seems to be content –  sniffing the flowers, the dirt and whatever else we run across.

One day I broke the rules and let Phoebe go outside off-leash. I wanted to see where she headed, I wanted some insight into what she might be missing. To my surprise, she planted herself on the lawn, sniffed the air and just laid in the sun.

Since that little “test,” when the weather is, I put Phoebe on a 15-foot trainer lead and let her lay in the sun, while I am inside. Sure. My movement is limited to whatever can be done while sitting on the living room couch – it forces me to plant myself and chill a bit. How can that be bad?