As i suspected, Phoebe’s coat is looking better after 10 days. Whoo Whoo!

This is the picture I posted on day 1 – see all the dots under the fur?
10 days later – She looks a little furrier to me. The dots aren’t as prominent…and she is soft like a bunny










This is a proclamation about the benefit of feeding your dog good food. Sojos just happened to be the brand I chose.

I learned a few things as we went through the first bag. Reading all the instructions would have been a good start. I gave Phoebe a couple of meals before I saw the line about transitioning you dog over a period of 7-10 days.  That is probably why the food came out looking basically the same as it did going in.

I started mixing the rehydrated freeze-dried food with her canned food and transitioned her over the past 6 days. As of three days ago she still wasn’t fully digesting the Sojos, which likely has more to do with her bad gut than the food. The past couple of days I added a tiny bit of acidophilus and now everything is good.

I can’t say with certainty that the Sojos requires a little more digestion ‘power’ than canned food. I just know that Phoebe can’t digest it without a little help. So if your dog has a sensitive tummy like Phoebe, you may want to extend the transition period or add a little extra enzyme

I chose acidophilus because the dog “digestion helpers” were nearly $30 for a week supply. Human versions (same thing, just a larger amount per pill) were $25 and the kid version was $49. For-get-that.

I went to the grocery store and got a bottle of acidophilus for $9.99. I only use about 1 teaspoon so, the stuff will expire before we run out. An adult serving is 2 tablespoons; children over four years old are supposed to take one tablespoon. Phoebe weighs 40 pounds so a teaspoon seems reasonable.

Just be careful if you start using acidophilus. It can cause diarrhea in some dogs. You are better off starting with a drop (literally) and increase a tiny bit at a time until you reach a reasonable amount. If it doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work. Don’t push it.

I am looking forward to the next 10 days to see how it goes. If this derails, I am going back to homemade food.

By the way, she still itches so the bet with hubby was a draw. Darn!