Well,we have had a fun couple of days. I have been battling my computer for a couple of weeks, so all my blog catch ups that I was going to plow through are piling up again. Enough of that. Now its time for “Phoebe’s funk of the month.”

Ever since Phoebe ate a basket full of candles, we have been crating her whenever we leave the house, except for yesterday. Now, I am not sure if I am glad or if I should be knocking myself on the head.

wpid-20150101_183851.jpgA few minutes after we walk in the door, Phoebe goes over to her water bowl and starts drinking. What’ so weird about that? Well, you see,Phoebe has two water bowls. One is the cute little one in the house that matches her food bowl. I swear she would rather die of thirst than drink from it.   Her other bowl is a stainless steel one that is kept outdoors. It used to be the Squirrel Peanut Bowl, but when I brought Phoebe home for the test drive, I rinsed it out and let her use it. Now, it is the only one she uses.I like to live in a little pink bubble and want to believe that she remembers it from her first visit and that is why she likes it so much. It kind of goes along with my theory on getting her in the car. Her first trip to her forever home (here) we put her in a little car harness. Now, she may go ape shit over all kind of things, but sits all calm and cooperative when it is time to get in the car.

Anyway, back to the story at hand. When we got home she was drinking from the inside bowl. Then she went outside and started at the stainless steel bowl, came in the house, stared at me, went back outside and stared at the bowl. This went on a few times when I thought, “Lassie! She is trying to call me to save someone from the well!” or something like that. Nah. It was just because her bowl was completely dry, which was very odd.

Her tummy felt like a tight little ball, and the first thing that popped in my mind was bloat. My fears were quickly assuaged when she headed to the lawn and vomited – right next the place she had vomited earlier (that was probably the one that got the water-fest going.

I did exactly what you are not supposed to do (I didn’t look it up until later). I let her start guzzling water thinking that she must be trying to re-hydrate, which is exactly what she was doing. Re-hydrating long enough to vomit all over the carpet.

Needless to say, there was less stomach content and more water each time. Again, I kept doing what you are not supposed to do – I let her go crazy on the water bowl again. I don’t know about you, but when I get the dry heaves, I drink water just to have something to barf up. So I just let her gulp down more water.

Surprise! another attack on the patio, By this time she had purged herself of all tummy contents and I had started checking out stuff online. I took away her water bowls and just gave her a few sips. By the time we were done, it was time to close up shop. Nothing like a little impromptu carpet cleaning in the middle of the week . Thank Phoebe! I have been procrastinating on the carpet clean for several weeks.

The rest of the night was uneventful. Thank goodness there wasn’t any diarrhea to go along with it! I took her temperature to be sure – a first! Oh! it was scary, but we survived. No fever. With that we just chilled out the rest of the evening and I made a pot of rice and chicken for the morning.

Today she is getting a lot of little meals to let her tummy settle. She is acting as good as new, so i will start introducing her sweet potatoes tomorrow.

Now that I have done everything I was NOT supposed to do, I will give you a little list of what is the proper thing to do:

  • Take away the water and give a few sips every hour or so until you know your dog can hold down water
  • Do Not give your dog food for about 12 hours
  • Try to figure out why your dog barfed – Yes. You have to look at it.
  • Check for signs of dehydration
  • If your dog it vomiting way out of the ordinary, consider seeing your vet.

There is so much info on the Web I am not going to go into much detail.  This little Wiki Site explains things pretty well, without instantly convincing you that your dog is on the verge of death.

While you are at it, please familiarize your self with bloat. It is one of those odd that can pop up out of nowhere and is a life threatening issue. There is a lot of info on the web. I would check out a few reputable sources.

After my little detective work as to what made Phoebe vomit, from the looks of it it appears as if she ate too much poop. That is not a typo. My dog is a poop eater. Holy Crap!