We left for a couple hours to do some errands.  It is obvious that while we were gone, Phoebe decided that our basket of tea-light candles looked intriguing.

When we came home there were 20 or so chewed up bits of wax and shredded tea light casings strewn about. While picking those up we found another 15 or so on the lawn. It doesn’t look like much,  but all totaled she ate about half a pound of wax, 35 candle wicks (including the little metal pieces that hold the candle in place),  and no idea how much of the metal casings.

What to do?

Naturally, this would occur outside regular vet hours.  We called the after hours clinic, they referred us to animal poison control ($65 dollars – crazy).

Poison control said the unscented candles were not toxic, however their staff vet was concerned over the potential of metal shards in the intestine.

We packed Phoebe in the car and headed to the after hours vet clinic. They took her in back right away,  and here we are sitting in the lobby. .. Just waiting