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Moving Made My Dog Stress Out Big Time

I know moving is stressful, but I didn't know how stressful it is for dogs until Phoebe had a little "nervous breakdown". When we got the bright idea to move across country I did not even consider the possibility of... Continue Reading →

It’s funny how a sick dog can get you to clean your house

Well,we have had a fun couple of days. I have been battling my computer for a couple of weeks, so all my blog catch ups that I was going to plow through are piling up again. Enough of that. Now... Continue Reading →

Pet Insurance – Some really aren’t out there to rip you off

Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. While I did decide to get pet insurance for Phoebe, I still wondered if the insurance company was out to rip me off. Now I have to eat my words and give the pet insurance company a... Continue Reading →

Funny what long term limited activity does to a dog

Oh man! Phoebe was on crate rest far longer than I wanted (I think I will write a post on that - it may be after the fact, but could be helpful). Phoebe was released from crate rest shortly before... Continue Reading →

A Healthy Alternative to Costly Pill Pockets

When you have to give medication to your dog, it can either be real easy (once a day) or a bit more complicated (anywhere from every 4 to every 12 hours). Odds are, if you need to give medication more... Continue Reading →

Dogs in cold weather

This is a short one.  It started with me reading an article about how some lame owner left her dogs in freezing weather with no place to get warm.  One of her dogs died and was frozen solid.  I don't... Continue Reading →

Summer Care for Dogs – Overheating & Heatstroke

The Mystery of Dogs in Parked Cars Why, after all this time do people continue to leave their dogs in the car? A dog can die from overheating in matter of minutes. Duh - doesn’t everyone know that?? So again... Continue Reading →

Our Adventure with Dog Gastroenteritis

This post is about gastroenteritis. I find that the best way to explain symptoms is to post some pictures. Yep. poop pictures. I am surprised it is so difficult to find actual pictures of poop anomalies. Isn’t dog poop one of... Continue Reading →

Phoebe: 1 – Papilloma Virus: 0

When I last wrote on this topic, I was quite worried that the ugly Papilloma virus (wart) might impact our ability to take Phoebe to training. Now it is one less thing to worry about; it is gone. When I... Continue Reading →

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