This one didn’t come to light until we were in training. Well actually it kind of came to light before then but it did not sink until we were in training. The instructor asked one of us about what word we used for praise. Like a bad Newlywed Show, one of us said “good girl” and the other one of us said “Yes!”

The instructor’s response, “You guys better get it together.”

We set off to make a lexicon that we could hang on the fridge. Is it working? No. Why not? Well, who runs and looks at the fridge before saying some to you dog.

Discipline and obedience major issues. Sometimes Phoebe doesn’t know if she is coming or going; at other times she plays it to her advantage. When I say, “sit,” “down” or “stay” that is what I expect; she will get her treat (or some lovin’) afterwards. When the other adult in the house gives her a command, she doesn’t listen and gets a treat anyway. Grrrrrrr.

I want Phoebe to be an obedient dog, and still have fun just being a dog.

Adult number two likes to treat her like a baby (yeah – a human baby). I have to keep reminding him – she is s dog; she needs dog stuff like a strong owner.

Imagine how Phoebe must feel trying to keep track of it all. Like I mentioned, she plays on “Mr. Nice Guy’s” inability to grasp that she is a dog, not a person. When I enter the room, she toes the line.

Everybody and everything needs some type of direction.