Monday, May 26

It is amazing how many people here in the US do not know what “Memorial Day” is all about. For many, it is just a good reason to get a day off work and have a barbecue party. To others it is the kick-off of summer time.

My 3X Great Grandfather John J Crable Civil War
My 3X Great Grandfather
John J Crable Civil War

Memorial Day started after the US War called Decoration Day. People would close up shop, so they could decorate the 20,000 + graves of those who died. Later, after WWI, the name was changed to Memorial Day, but the purpose was the same.

Keep in mind, I am not talking about the politics of war; I am just telling you about why the holiday exists.

Well what does this have to do with dogs?

Today many Veterans need the assistance of a service dog – anything from assisting with daily activities, soothing someone with PTSD, or visiting patience at the Veterans hospital. Since our big goal was to get Phoebe to be a therapy dog, I think the two topics go together.

Now…ummmm…I’m off to a barbeque 🙂