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Letting Your Dog Run by Taking it on a Bike Trip

Yahoo! I got Phebe hooked up to the bike! Just as suggested, I  parked the bike in the living room. Once Phoebe got used to that I moved it right across from her lounge chair. When she stopped staring at... Continue Reading →

Give Your Dog Mixed Messages – That Will Stress Them Out

This one didn't come to light until we were in training. Well actually it kind of came to light before then but it did not sink until we were in training. The instructor asked one of us about what word... Continue Reading →

Leash Reactivity

I had a wake-up call the other day. Phoebe and I were out for a walk, and she had her nose to the ground sniffing the entire time.  The net result was a lot of tugging forward or dragging behind.... Continue Reading →

Correct Way to Put on a Choke Collar

Choke collar, choke chain, chain collar - whatever you call it, if you do not put it on correctly and use it correctly, you can choke your dog. End of subject. A few rules of the road: These are not... Continue Reading →

Jump Party

I used to go out at lunch time and toss around Phoebe's Kong and a ball until she as was pooped out. She started to get a little bored with that, so I went and bought a chase wand. It... Continue Reading →

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