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Moving Made My Dog Stress Out Big Time

I know moving is stressful, but I didn't know how stressful it is for dogs until Phoebe had a little "nervous breakdown". When we got the bright idea to move across country I did not even consider the possibility of... Continue Reading →

Now I have proof that ace bandage wrapping can calm your dog

A couple of years ago I wrapped Phoebe in an ace bandage to keep her calm during the Fourth of July fireworks season. She stayed calm, but I didn't have anything to compare her before and after behavior to. She... Continue Reading →

Leash Agression – Two examples of what you do not want to do

I am ticked off. Strike that, I am double ticked off. A run in with a leash aggressive dog, followed immediately by a run in with an ignorant dog owner resulted in one unhappy dog owner (me). Keeping your dog... Continue Reading →

How to Calm Your Dog with an Ace Bandage

Update: It has been two years since I wrote this post and it has done wonders this week (July 2016). Original Post: It is a perfect day for this topic. The fourth of July - when fireworks are in abundance.... Continue Reading →

Coddle Your Your Dog When they Whine so They Learn to do it More

This one goes along with sending mixed messages. A really good way to stress out a stressed dog is to coddle them and as if trying to soothe a child. Sometimes Phoebe will walk around whining for seemingly no reason... Continue Reading →

Give Your Dog Mixed Messages – That Will Stress Them Out

This one didn't come to light until we were in training. Well actually it kind of came to light before then but it did not sink until we were in training. The instructor asked one of us about what word... Continue Reading →

Does Your Dog Want to be Alone?

I used to stop and give Phoebe scratches and hugs every time I saw her; it did not matter if she was in her bed, on a footstool, or outside. When I wanted to give her some love, I did... Continue Reading →

How to Stress Out Your Dog

Yes. I am being totally sarcastic. Anyone who deliberately tries to stress out their dog, in my opinion, is not worthy of being a dog owner – disclaimer complete! I am not talking about nervousness and anxiety, though they are... Continue Reading →

Temporary Regression

"Merry Christmas Ma! Here’s a big puddle of pee for you!" Say what? When writing about why people should not get or give gift dogs at Christmas time I mentioned, among other things, that there is simply too much going... Continue Reading →

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