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Now I have proof that ace bandage wrapping can calm your dog

A couple of years ago I wrapped Phoebe in an ace bandage to keep her calm during the Fourth of July fireworks season. She stayed calm, but I didn't have anything to compare her before and after behavior to. She... Continue Reading →

Phoebe Fractures Her Metacarpophalyngeal Joint

That is a fancy way of saying that Phoebe fractured one of the bones in her paw. Ay! ay, ay, ay! One minute everything is normal; fifteen minutes later she hobbled three-footed into the living room with her right paw... Continue Reading →

Road trip – day three and four

After three days on the road, we made it to San Diego; boy were we happy! Phoebe is a great traveler. It was a whole new environment and I fully expected her to show signs of anxiety.  Instead, I saw... Continue Reading →

Taking the Pup on a Roadtrip

We headed out on a seven day road trip yesterday. Actually three days on the road, four days in San Diego, and then another drive home. We are on day two. I am typing on my phone, so forgive any... Continue Reading →

Give Your Dog Mixed Messages – That Will Stress Them Out

This one didn't come to light until we were in training. Well actually it kind of came to light before then but it did not sink until we were in training. The instructor asked one of us about what word... Continue Reading →

How to Stress Out Your Dog

Yes. I am being totally sarcastic. Anyone who deliberately tries to stress out their dog, in my opinion, is not worthy of being a dog owner – disclaimer complete! I am not talking about nervousness and anxiety, though they are... Continue Reading →

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