Phoebe's Tails

The Quirky Life of a Rescue Dog

Switching to Sojos Dog Food – Let’s See How it Goes

It's no secret that Phoebe is not the healthiest dog in the world. Nor is it a secret that I firmly believe that the fundamental ticket to a healthy dog is healthy diet, and a healthy dog has a healthy... Continue Reading →

Rest in Peace Little Candy

I met Candy when I went to visit my friend several years ago. I was not a dog owner at the time, but I sure fell in love with this gal. She latched right on to me, slept with me at... Continue Reading →

If you like the smell of dog farts, buy crappy dog food

In I can smell crappy dog food a mile away. Literally. I can never emphasize enough the importance of feeding your dog a quality diet. Even if you do not see a negative reaction, it still takes its toll on your... Continue Reading →

Now that Phoebe is getting older, I am giving her site a face-lift. Shhhh - don't tell her that the real reason is because I didn't know anything about WordPress when I started, and underneath it all everything is quite a mess.

Rescue Dog 101

Rescuing a dog (or any animal) is a very loving, selfless thing to do. However, it should not be done on a whim unless you are very confident that you can handle each and every surprise that comes with it... Continue Reading →

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole"  - Roger Garas -

I think Phoebe found a long lost relative

Yesterday I ran across a doggie version of a doppelgänger.  While I was at someone's house, they introduced me to their dog Daisy. Daisy is a few years older than Phoebe and about 20 pounds heavier but there was no... Continue Reading →

Now I have proof that ace bandage wrapping can calm your dog

A couple of years ago I wrapped Phoebe in an ace bandage to keep her calm during the Fourth of July fireworks season. She stayed calm, but I didn't have anything to compare her before and after behavior to. She... Continue Reading →

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