Phoebe –

You have been like an angel in my life since the day you picked me to be your human. You are a loving, smart, people-loving  goofball. You have been my, ‘super duper puppy wuppy dog” for eight and a half years.

I do not understand why you are dying at the young age of nine. It’s not my place to question why things happen. My life is forever changed because of you. We fundamentally have been together 24/7 since you came home with me.

How will I sleep with out you nudging me out of bed. What will I do every day at 4:30 pm and 7:30 am when I usually prepare your meals? What will I do at 9 pm when I usually take you out for your night-night potty? How will I break the habit of always checking the outside cameras to make sure you are not outside waiting to get in?

What will I do with the empty space after your food and water bowls are gone? How do I fill the void of not being able to look over at you and see you chilling on your pillow or in your crate?

Most of all, who will I talk to all day? It’s been just you and me roaming the house by day since you arrived. You have heard it all – good, bad and lousy singing and yet you still show me your unconditional love without ever ceasing.

I have pictures and videos but nothing will replace snuggling with you.

You are in my heart, on my clothes, and in every corner of this house.

You are my heart dog.