wp-1586707342133.jpgWe have been gone for a couple of years. I kept wanting to start up again but I could not think of what to write about. Then I got an perfect idea. I decided to start by finishing up all the drafts that have piled up.

This is the oldest one so I picked it.

This blog post is from January, 2014.

Unless you have your dog run along beside you when you jog or ride a bike (or similar activities), going for a walk, sadly, does not really count as your dog “being” active. Don’t get me wrong, daily walks are a wonderful time to bond with your dog. My point is that I used to think a walk meant I was helping Phoebe burn off energy. Sadly, I was wrong. Walks are typically slow and leisurely. She needs to burn off more energy than that.

Phoebe goes out for walks almost every day, but the time is spent learning how to behave on a leash, with lots of sniffing tossed in. Trust me, for a high activity, stressed out dog like Phoebe, I need to really get in there and get her moving at home.

There are a lot of ways to ensure your dog gets plenty of exercise. Go out back and toss that favorite toy, or do some active training (like an agility course). Basically, do whatever you and your dog love to do. Look online if you can’t think of anything. Just pick something; you can always change it – or maybe you will be lucky and love it.

Unless it is freezing cold, blistering hot, or anything else that makes it unfit to go outside, get out there and get you dog moving. Just like humans, work your way up if they aren’t used to it. 

Don’t forget that there are many benefits to exercise than just health. It has helps with anxiety and boredom.  Phoebe’s anxiety has improved immensely. Running her around for 20-30 min before I leave takes off of the edge.

She takes a snooze and I walk out the door.

Yeah this post is half-baked, but its a post (finally).