20170506_201123It’s been a few years since Phoebe had that ugly papilloma wart-like thing. Several weeks ago I saw a little black growth on her nose. It was no more than a slightly raised circle that was just starting to push through the fur on her muzzle. Since it was dark-colored, I snapped a picture of it so I could keep on eye on it.

After a few weeks the diameter was the same, but the tell-tale tentacles of that crappy papilloma virus appeared.  Since it had worked before, I had nothing to lose by trying the thuja occidentalis again. I went to the vitamin store and picked up a fresh supply of the 30c thuja occidentalis pills. It cost about six dollars, which isn’t bad.

I confirmed the thuja dosage by referencing the first post I wrote about this and then tossed two of the teeny tiny pills/balls in a pill grinder. Considering the size, there isn’t a whole lot of pill powder to play with so, I put a little peanut butter in the pill-powder-catcher-cup and let Phoebe go to town on it.

20170506_201253I didn’t obsess over the growth like I did the first time she had one. The dimension didn’t change, it didn’t seem to be bothering her and staring at it wouldn’t make it go away any faster.

A few weeks later Phoebe and I were lounging around and she looked up at me with her little wart nose and I called her “my little wart face.” I hardly think she was offended. Anyway, I only mention that because when I saw her later in the day the wart was gone. Bing. Boom. Gone.

I was compelled to get a closer look. The only thing on her muzzle was a little cirle of fresh skin where the wart had been. It looked similar to when a scab falls off. I put a little bit of ointment on the area because it seemed like the thing to do at the time, and that was end of it.

It’s been a week since the wart disappeared and Phoebe is as good as new. No more black cauliflower wart and no funky skin disease. Yes. Thuja worked again. I believed it the first time and I now I am even further convinced.

If you decide to give your dog thuja remember the basic rule: give your dog one dose and wait a few weeks (at least two). If the first does doesn’t work then you can give your dog a second dose. If the second dose doesn’t work then, well…it doesn’t work. You will have to think of something else.