Not long ago I wrote a post about Phoebe’s seemingly sudden fears of several things. I was over-analyzing and going out of my way to try things that would reduce or eliminate the fear.

I received a comment that politely pointed out that my making a big deal about something being ‘scary’ only furthered Phoebe’s  fear – just like coddling a dog when they whine.

Keep in mind, I am talking about fears that pop-up after our little rescue dog settles in and gets over any anxiety and extra baggage that put him or her in the position of being a rescue dog in the first place.

In this case, Phoebe had a sudden fear of going on the lawn. After reading the comment in response to my concern, I simply dropped the subject and let Phoebe figure it out on her own.

Yesterday, I walked outside and guess what I saw?

Phoebe wandering around the lawn. She eventually made her way to the shade of her beloved plum tree.

In the shade of the  beloved plum tree
In the shade of the beloved plum tree

I have learned two lessons:sometimes it is good (and beneficial) to let your dog work out some issues on their own, and commenting on posts goes a long way.

We are a community with a common interest (otherwise, we would not be reading dog blogs). Sharing knowledge and offering feedback is what this is all about.