***Updated: updated the meal proportion image to make it easier to understand, and corrected the percentage of chicken used from 60% to 65%, even though it does not have to be exact

This is a re-post. In my infinite wisdom I accidentally deleted it while cleaning up the site.

I can’t wait to tell you about the successes and follies of switching from kibble to something previously foreign.

I agonized over Phoebe’s diet long enough. It was time to just pick an option and move forward. I had to start somewhere, so I opted for a raw diet.

I chose to feed Phoebe raw food for nutritional reasons, not because I wanted to recreate the diet of a wolf ancestor.  Any way I slice it, Phoebe is a domesticated dog, not wolf so, I really don’t care what or how her wolf ancestors ate.  I only care about what a domesticated dog should eat.

From a nutritional standpoint the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet made sense – high protein, low carbohydrates. Once decided, I had to pull it all together.

There are so many varying opinions, but little fact on what a raw diet should consist of. The best I could do was go with the ratios I saw most often and see how they played out. I opted for a diet that was 80% muscle meat, 10% organs, and 10% veggies. Of the 80% of muscle meat, 65% of that would be chicken (I am a visual person, so I made a little diagram).

General Idea of Proportions I Use  - Click to Enlarge -
General Idea of Proportions I Use
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Examples of Raw food Types...Not All Inclusive  - click to enlarge -
Examples of Raw food Types…Not All Inclusive
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