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The Quirky Life of a Rescue Dog



Sojos Day 10

As i suspected, Phoebe's coat is looking better after 10 days. Whoo Whoo!                   This is a proclamation about the benefit of feeding your dog good food. Sojos just happened to be... Continue Reading →

Switching to Sojos Dog Food – Let’s See How it Goes

It's no secret that Phoebe is not the healthiest dog in the world. Nor is it a secret that I firmly believe that the fundamental ticket to a healthy dog is healthy diet, and a healthy dog has a healthy... Continue Reading →

If you like the smell of dog farts, buy crappy dog food

In I can smell crappy dog food a mile away. Literally. I can never emphasize enough the importance of feeding your dog a quality diet. Even if you do not see a negative reaction, it still takes its toll on your... Continue Reading →

My favorite dog food sold out to crappy Purina

Where have I been? Obviously, not scouring dog food rating sites. I usually make Phoebe's dog food, but there are times when I want to give her a little diversity or run out of her home made food. I used to... Continue Reading →

Too-Easy-To-Make Ice Treats

It has been over a 100 degrees the past few days. Phoebe is taking it quite well. She is panting a bit, but seems to be perfectly comfortable lying on the tiled floor. Everyone is feeling pretty miserable. We do... Continue Reading →

Lawsuit of the Month – Purina Beneful

Someone filed a lawsuit against Purina.  The suit says more than 3,000 consumers have complained online about their dogs getting sick - in some case dying - after eating Beneful kibble. The common symptom include stomach bleeding, liver malfunction or... Continue Reading →

My dog will not stop eating

I know.  All dogs love food (some more than others), but Phoebe is obsessed. I mean that literally.  I have tried to find info on the matter, but it seems that every article I read confuses obsession with food aggression; not the... Continue Reading →

Our Adventure with Dog Gastroenteritis

This post is about gastroenteritis. I find that the best way to explain symptoms is to post some pictures. Yep. poop pictures. I am surprised it is so difficult to find actual pictures of poop anomalies. Isn’t dog poop one of... Continue Reading →

Dog’s nutritional needs with actual values

I stumbled upon this little gem while looking for some other nutrition-related information.  It is a booklet titled, Your Dog's Nutritional Needs, which was published by the Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources in 2006. I don't know why the... Continue Reading →

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