What a sad time. Little Lola, my friend’s dog, left this world at 9:45 this morning after 14 happy years of life. Lola was a little Yorky with a huge personality and was quite the beauty queen. She wore sparkles and bows very well. 20170417_191853

Quite frankly I get sick to my stomach when I think about her death – literally.

Lola had acute liver failure which manifested itself on Friday evening. My friend took Lola to an emergency vet clinic where she was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and acute liver failure.

The clinic wanted to keep Lola overnight for observation. My friend told them to F-off. Lola was 14 years old and was not showing any signs of distress. My friend beleived that the last thing Lola needed was to spend her last days alone in a vet clinic. I would have made the same choice if I were in that position.

My friend carried Lola around all day Sunday. Lola was being a little snuggle bug and still bright-eyed, but deep down my friend knew they were spending their final hours together.

On Monday morning (today) Lola took a turn for the worse and my friend knew it was time. She put a little pink bow in Lola’s hair, wrapped Lola in her favorite blanket and took her to the vet for the last time.

Rest in peace little Lola.