I met Candy when I went to visit my friend several years ago. I was not a dog owner at the time, but I sure fell in love with this gal. She latched right on to me, slept with me at night and I felt so special. That is until my friend informed me that my new found love acted that way with everyone. Oh man! Couldn’t she have left me in the dark on that one?

My friend has several dogs and in the past few years two of them have died from complications of old age. It was painful, but at least she had time to mentally prepare for their deaths. Candy’s death, on the other hand, was completely unexpected.

Pure heartbreak.

Imagine going to bed with all your dogs snuggled in their sleeping spots, and then waking up in the morning with one of them missing. In this case it was Candy.

My friend searched the house and the yard over and over again.  Then she experienced the one thing that none of us ever want – she found her dog dead. Just there. Just like that. Candy was dead.

I don’t need to get into details. The story isn’t mine to tell. All I can do is post this picture of Candy that I took. A little tribute to the dog who was, for a couple of weeks, “my” little Candy bar.

Rest in Peace my Dear