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Now I have proof that ace bandage wrapping can calm your dog

A couple of years ago I wrapped Phoebe in an ace bandage to keep her calm during the Fourth of July fireworks season. She stayed calm, but I didn't have anything to compare her before and after behavior to. She... Continue Reading →

I tried the ThunderLeash and, well…

It wasn't great, but wasn't awful. It was expensive ($29.95). All-in-all Phoebe is pretty good when we go on walks, or shall I say she is good when I take her for a walk. She isn't as well behaved when... Continue Reading →

Too-Easy-To-Make Ice Treats

It has been over a 100 degrees the past few days. Phoebe is taking it quite well. She is panting a bit, but seems to be perfectly comfortable lying on the tiled floor. Everyone is feeling pretty miserable. We do... Continue Reading →

Some Fears Do Pass Without Our Help

Not long ago I wrote a post about Phoebe's seemingly sudden¬†fears of several things. I was over-analyzing and going out of my way to try things that would reduce or eliminate the fear. I received a comment that politely pointed... Continue Reading →

How to Calm Your Dog with an Ace Bandage

Update: It has been two years since I wrote this post and it has done wonders this week (July 2016). Original Post: It is a perfect day for this topic. The fourth of July - when fireworks are in abundance.... Continue Reading →

Getting Started with Recall Training

Recall is the single most important thing you need to teach your dog.¬† It is something that must be mastered and ingrained, so that your dog will stop on a dime and come back when called, regardless of where they... Continue Reading →

The First Step Towards Becoming a Therapy Dog

Phoebe is on her fifth week of obedience class, and she has been doing so well. One of the trainers taught us he how to help Phoebe remain calm when she runs across another dog, or gets excited when she... Continue Reading →

Jump Party

I used to go out at lunch time and toss around Phoebe's Kong and a ball until she as was pooped out. She started to get a little bored with that, so I went and bought a chase wand. It... Continue Reading →

Orange Infused Kong

I bought a Kong for Phoebe a few days after her arrival. Not because I understood its purpose, but because it was one of three chew toys in the entire store that was supposed to hold up under the grueling... Continue Reading →

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