Update: It has been two years since I wrote this post and it has done wonders this week (July 2016).

Original Post:

It is a perfect day for this topic. The fourth of July – when fireworks are in abundance. I do not know if they bother Phoebe, but I know it stresses out a lot of dogs. I was focused on stress in general, so this caper is coincidental.

Anyway,  Phoebe has been acting a little stressed  lately. It is not debilitating, it is more along the lines of  whining when no one is in the room, always licking her lips, shaking her head, constantly licking her paws and leg etc.  The typical signs you would read about if you looked it up on the  Web.

I was at the pet store yesterday and saw one of those little anxiety wraps they sell. I didn’t quite understand the concept, but I certainly was not going to pay 40 dollars to put Phoebe in a hot wrappy thing when it’s 95 degrees out. I am like, ” for that price I could wrap her up in an ace bandage like a mummy.”

Sure enough, I came home and search the Web. I found a  lot of sites about wrapping your dog in an ace bandage to help alleviate stress – and here I thought I had a great idea that would make me millions :)ok
I like this video clip the best. It is a short, simple and briefly says why it works

How to Calm Your Dog with an Ace Bandage


Here is  Phoebe in her mummy suit.  She had been chilling out all morning.

Mummy Phoebe
Mummy Phoebe