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Chicken Wings as a Calcium Source

[Update: A reader pointed out some conflicting information in the USDA Database regarding th amount of bone in a chicken wing. I was surprised to see the significant gap between the results th reader found and what I used in this... Continue Reading →

Dog Calcium Needs and Eating Bones

Side stepping the whole prey model did not mean that I wanted to give up on the concept of feeding a raw diet. One difference between the whole prey model and the BARF model is that the meat is ground... Continue Reading →

Update to the Diet Set Up

I updated the image in the Homemade Recipe Setup post to make it easier to understand. I also updated the percentage of chicken I use from 60% to 65% (bad math), even though you do not need to be that... Continue Reading →

The Raw Diet Begins

When I first decided to oust kibble from Phoebe’s life, I opted to feed a raw diet. Initially, I had concerns over feeding chicken bones, the salmonella factor related to raw chicken and other bacteria/parasites associated with raw meat. The... Continue Reading →

Homemade Recipe – Setup

***Updated: updated the meal proportion image to make it easier to understand, and corrected the percentage of chicken used from 60% to 65%, even though it does not have to be exact This is a re-post. In my infinite wisdom... Continue Reading →

Homemade Dog Food Nutrition Facts

Whoo Hoo! I finally got my little recipe sheet completed! I posted it on its own page, and will get into the details of what it all means in a future post. For now, I am just glad it is... Continue Reading →

Orange Infused Kong

I bought a Kong for Phoebe a few days after her arrival. Not because I understood its purpose, but because it was one of three chew toys in the entire store that was supposed to hold up under the grueling... Continue Reading →

Filling Up Without Filling Out

This is nothing new. I just wanted to pay homage to the little canned green bean. This comes in handy if you notice that  your little one is starting to gain a little too much weight, and cutting back on... Continue Reading →

Mange Management & Nutrition Unite

I thought we were on the homeward stretch with this mange stuff, even though I was surprised that the skin scrapings at our last vet visit did not reveal any mites (all this means is that the vet did not... Continue Reading →

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