We headed out on a seven day road trip yesterday. Actually three days on the road, four days in San Diego, and then another drive home.

We are on day two. I am typing on my phone, so forgive any typos.

Packing for the pooch was more work than planning for my son – when he was young – portable crate, dog food, water and food bowl (by the way, Phoebe managed to spill her ‘ no spill’ bowl before we pulled out of the driveway), potty bags, potty clean up material (in case she had an accident on the room), toys, bedding and a few blankets.

I was happy to learn that many hotels are ‘pet friendly ‘. The one we stayed in last night had wood floors for easy clean. It was a good thing! Being in a strange place made Phoebe forget she was potty trained. She didn’t go to the bathroom at any stops along the way. When we hit the hotel she made up for it all of it. A day’s worth of potty breaks done in 10 minutes…uhhhg

I left Phoebe alone in the room when I headed to dinner last night. Again, I was like a new parent worrying the whole time. Yet, I came back to find her chewing on her toys, just chilling out.

The second leg off the trip was fun. Phoebe was introduced to the coast, and took advantage of potty stops this time.

We are in hotel #2 tonight.

We haven’t had any accidents (good thing! This ‘pet friendly room has carpets. I am getting a feel for apartment life where you have to walk the dog regularly. Phoebe is very enthralled wIth the smell of eucalyptus; she can’t seem to get enough of it.

Phoebe at the coast

Having survived last night, going out to dinner wasn’t stressful tonight.
Hint: when leaving a dog who can jump like she has springs on her feet, lock up the dog food.

While I was getting stuffed at dinner, Phoebe managed to get her paws on the dog food and ate and ate and ate until she was stuffed too. Now she is snoozing, and I am on the way.

Snoozing after indulging in her all-you-can-eat dog food buffet.

Cruising wIth my gal pal is fun.