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Moving Made My Dog Stress Out Big Time

I know moving is stressful, but I didn't know how stressful it is for dogs until Phoebe had a little "nervous breakdown". When we got the bright idea to move across country I did not even consider the possibility of... Continue Reading →

Heading out on another road trip

I am trying to pack and my little fashionista decides to lay on top of all the clothes I had laid out. Then she starts picking through them and tossed a few on the floor. Thanks Phoebe,  but I will... Continue Reading →

Road trip – day three and four

After three days on the road, we made it to San Diego; boy were we happy! Phoebe is a great traveler. It was a whole new environment and I fully expected her to show signs of anxiety.  Instead, I saw... Continue Reading →

Taking the Pup on a Roadtrip

We headed out on a seven day road trip yesterday. Actually three days on the road, four days in San Diego, and then another drive home. We are on day two. I am typing on my phone, so forgive any... Continue Reading →

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