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The Quirky Life of a Rescue Dog


Rescue Dog 101

She smiled at me and I did not like it

The other day I looked over at Phoebe and she was standing there grinning at me. I'm not talking about the typical little doggie grin where they show their teeth and it looks cute.  This was a cat-that-ate-the-bird type of... Continue Reading →

What is my 40 pound Phoebe suddenly acting like a teacup poodle?

I have no idea what got into little Miss Phoebe. While I cannot say she has been a perfect angel, as indicated by the candy corn caper, she has been quite mellow. When I take her for walks she just... Continue Reading →

Never underestimate your dog’s ability to steal your food

Little stories like the one I am about to tell really drive home the need to keep things non-doggie edibles out of paws reach. It also adds an extra layer of making sure to move things that can be used... Continue Reading →

Leash Agression – Two examples of what you do not want to do

I am ticked off. Strike that, I am double ticked off. A run in with a leash aggressive dog, followed immediately by a run in with an ignorant dog owner resulted in one unhappy dog owner (me). Keeping your dog... Continue Reading →

Excercise mats to reduce impact when your dog jumps on hard floors

I call this Back-Log Blog #1 It is amazing how easy it is to get out of the habit of writing for a blog. I realized how lame I have become when I opened my draft folder and found about... Continue Reading →

The Never-Ending Broken Toe Bone Saga

Insert tape – Rewind – Repeat Same story. Different angle. We are one step closer to the end of this broken paw bone saga. It amazes me that something as innocuous as jumping off furniture can lead to a long,... Continue Reading →

How can a dog find this comfortable?

Phoebe sleeps in the weirdest positions. This one doesn't look very relaxing. This one isn't much better Oh well.  She is snoring.  To each her own, I guess

Phoebe got some freedom

Phoebe's limp remains. At her follow up vet visit we decided it is time to fish or cut bait. I can't stomach putting one more zombie-dog chemical in her body, and restricting her movement another moment. The vet is going... Continue Reading →

Arthur finds his forever home

I love happy stories. Give a dog a meatball and he will follow you anywhere. This little guy started in Ecuador and wound up in Sweden

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