I have no idea what got into little Miss Phoebe. While I cannot say she has been a perfect angel, as indicated by the candy corn caper, she has been quite mellow.

When I take her for walks she just hangs out by my side – la tee da.  The world is a wonderful place and all that stuff..

OK. So there was one time when she wanted to bail on me. She saw a squirrel a few feet away, a mere pounce, almost a freebie. Yet, I’m no fun. Oh! she tried like a crazy dog to get to that squirrel, and I was trying like a crazy woman to get her under control. When everything settled, she went back to prancing as if nothing ever happened.

Who is this dog that acts more like a dainty little teacup-sized pup instead of a 40 pound pit bull mix?

I only know it is Phoebe because she goes ape shit over food and “waiting” to head out for a walk. I mean, come on! She has even started chewing her treats instead of swallowing them whole.

She is simply being too girly girl. She has a rope bone that has lasted for two weeks. She softly picks it up and moves it from place to place, unlike the many rope bones before it where she snorted and chomped and tore them to shreds in a few hours.

Look at this little pink football thingy. It is made out of hard, hard, super hard plastic. She had it 15 minutes and managed to chew off one end, and was shredding stuff off the sides.


Now look at this rope bone . She is so gentle with it.


I checked her teeth to make sure there wasn’t something wrong with them. I must say, her teeth and gums look great.

So what gives?

Next she will be wanting pink bows in her hair and a freaking tutu.

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PS – I know my back log blogs are piling up. I really need to lock my self in a room and catch up!.