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How Can Everyday Things Cause Fear?

I am sure many dogs are resilient when something scary happens. Phoebe is not one of them. Selective Fear of Lawn Two things she used to love to do, now scare her. I am not sure why. I can only... Continue Reading →

Doing the Math

Let's see. I have spent hundreds of dollars on doggie toys, training tools, leashes, and exercise equipment. I know we have all heard it before: buy a kid an expensive gift and they wind up having more fun with the... Continue Reading →

The Road to Independence

In one of my recent posts, I described Phoebe’s strides from being overly dependent to becoming independent. While she does great when people are home, it is not as rosy when I leave the house, even if others stay home... Continue Reading →

Temporary Regression

"Merry Christmas Ma! Here’s a big puddle of pee for you!" Say what? When writing about why people should not get or give gift dogs at Christmas time I mentioned, among other things, that there is simply too much going... Continue Reading →

I Lost My Shadow

It was a bittersweet moment. I asked, "Where is Phoebe?" "She is with you." "No. I thought she was with you." Smack! It was instant anxiety. The last known sighting had been about an hour prior. Did she sneak out... Continue Reading →

Bad Christmas Specials

Last night I was searching for a little Christmas cheer when I stumbled upon "A Shelter Dog's Christmas Poem." It was touching - at first. Unfortunately, the poem was on a rescue shelter's Web site and whoever posted it took... Continue Reading →

Papilloma – a Bump in the Road to Training

When we took Phoebe to the vet back on 10/29, the vet honed in on a little wart growing on Phoebe's lip. I really did not think it was a big deal until the vet told me that it was... Continue Reading →

The Park – a Lesson in Rudeness

Today I thought I would get Phoebe away from her normal stomping grounds. I drove her to a large park that is chock full of horse, bike and hiking trails. It was a gorgeous day, so it should not have... Continue Reading →

Mangy Mutt – Part 2

The last time we left the vet's office I was still trying to digest how ill Phoebe was. She certainly deserved a prize for being a super-trooper. The following day the vet called with the lab results. Phoebe's blood had... Continue Reading →

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