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Phoebe Fractures Her Metacarpophalyngeal Joint

That is a fancy way of saying that Phoebe fractured one of the bones in her paw. Ay! ay, ay, ay! One minute everything is normal; fifteen minutes later she hobbled three-footed into the living room with her right paw... Continue Reading →

The Eating Candle Wax Saga Continues – Constipation and Impaction

Why am I not surprised that Phoebe’s candle feast led to another trip to the vet? First of all, we are talking about Phoebe. Second, she is Phoebe. Third, well, she is Phoebe the queen of digestive issues. Common sense... Continue Reading →

My dog ate candle wax Part II

Yesterday, Phoebe pulled a candle eating caper that earned her a trip to the emergency vet clinic. When we arrived they took Phoebe in the back right away to do an initial assessment. About 30 minutes later they called us... Continue Reading →

My dog ate half a pound of candles

We left for a couple hours to do some errands.  It is obvious that while we were gone, Phoebe decided that our basket of tea-light candles looked intriguing. When we came home there were 20 or so chewed up bits... Continue Reading →

Dogs in cold weather

This is a short one.  It started with me reading an article about how some lame owner left her dogs in freezing weather with no place to get warm.  One of her dogs died and was frozen solid.  I don't... Continue Reading →

My dog will not stop eating

I know.  All dogs love food (some more than others), but Phoebe is obsessed. I mean that literally.  I have tried to find info on the matter, but it seems that every article I read confuses obsession with food aggression; not the... Continue Reading →

What does Topical Flea Prevention and Nail Polish Remover have in Common?

Actually, I do not know what they have in common other than the ability to remove nail polish. This question came to mind yesterday when I was putting on Phoebe's monthly dose of topical flea repellant. I put it on,... Continue Reading →

Letting Your Dog Run by Taking it on a Bike Trip

Yahoo! I got Phebe hooked up to the bike! Just as suggested, I  parked the bike in the living room. Once Phoebe got used to that I moved it right across from her lounge chair. When she stopped staring at... Continue Reading →

Pet Insurance – Is it Worth It?

When it comes to dog insurance for a rescue dog, there are a few things you need to consider if you do not want to be disappointed (or shocked) in what is covered or more frequently, not covered. I got... Continue Reading →

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