Yesterday I ran across a doggie version of a doppelgänger.  While I was at someone’s house, they introduced me to their dog Daisy. Daisy is a few years older than Phoebe and about 20 pounds heavier but there was no mistaking the similarities.

This Daisy dog walked up and put her nose right in my face.  The owner was apologizing profusely, but I was not even remotely phased. Why? Because that is exactly what Phoebe does. For a millisecond it felt like I was home and everything was normal. Phoebe is not a face licker or a food grabber, but she will get right up to my face and sniff, sniff, sniff in attempt to get a cheap thrill (a whiff of what I have been eating).

Daisy also had the same light brown choco-dots on her fur, spotted skin under her thin white fur, and a little pink spot on her nuzzle in the exact same spot as Phoebe.  As I was soaking this in, Daisy started to walk her feet forward while sitting in place and then when she was close to the ground she just plopped her body on the floor with a sigh. Yep. You guessed it – Phoebe does the exact same thing.

I am sure there are lots of dogs that have the same quirks, but how many unrelated dogs have so many similarities? I thought it was cool…and a little creepy.

Fake Phoebe
Real Phoebe