Phoebe’s limp remains. At her follow up vet visit we decided it is time to fish or cut bait.

I can’t stomach putting one more zombie-dog chemical in her body, and restricting her movement another moment.

The vet is going to check with on orthopedic expert and see what the best option is for that broken bone.  In the meantime, broken is  broken.  Phoebe does not have any signs of being in constant pain,  so we are going to rely on this little amazing thing called doggie instinct.

Phoebe knows when an activity causes pain and has the Doggie sense not to use her foot when it does. She can get around pretty darn quick using just three legs. I can live with that for the short term. Especially if it means getting her off those sedatives.  We will stick with the meloxicam until we get the orthopedic recommendation.

Released from her tether, Phoebe snooped around every room in the house and then went back to where it all started –  her pink chair. A happy sight!

I happened to get my Outlandish Companion book today, so I hunkered down to read it.  A few minutes later Phoebe came over to snuggle.  It felt good to have her sitting by my side by choice.

Now I am sitting here with my Outlandish dog, reading my Outlandish book.

It is a happy evening.