Phoebe's Tails

The Quirky Life of a Rescue Dog



My dog likes to play with cat toys nowadays

Phoebe acts like a senior dog. She just lies around sleeping all day, takes her sweet time walking around and basically acts like anything but the¬†high energy dog she is.¬†Maybe months of crate rest and limited activity has left her... Continue Reading →

Phoebe: 1 – Papilloma Virus: 0

When I last wrote on this topic, I was quite worried that the ugly Papilloma virus (wart) might impact our ability to take Phoebe to training. Now it is one less thing to worry about; it is gone. When I... Continue Reading →

Papilloma – a Bump in the Road to Training

When we took Phoebe to the vet back on 10/29, the vet honed in on a little wart growing on Phoebe's lip. I really did not think it was a big deal until the vet told me that it was... Continue Reading →

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