Phoebe's Tails

The Quirky Life of a Rescue Dog


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Another Option for That Non-Healing Dog Toe Bone

We thought we were running out options for this little broken seismoid bone issue. I guess sometimes things have to get worse before one is prompted to make some major changes to get better. At last check we were giving... Continue Reading →

A Thin Paw Fracture + Ignorance = Full Blown Broken Bone

Being human, mistakes are expected. When I make one I prefer to share and let others learn from it. Recently, I made some mistakes when it came to nursing Phoebe's fractured paw; each mistake born out of ignorance. When we... Continue Reading →

Phoebe Fractures Her Metacarpophalyngeal Joint

That is a fancy way of saying that Phoebe fractured one of the bones in her paw. Ay! ay, ay, ay! One minute everything is normal; fifteen minutes later she hobbled three-footed into the living room with her right paw... Continue Reading →

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