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My favorite dog food sold out to crappy Purina

Where have I been? Obviously, not scouring dog food rating sites. I usually make Phoebe's dog food, but there are times when I want to give her a little diversity or run out of her home made food. I used to... Continue Reading →

The Raw Diet Begins

When I first decided to oust kibble from Phoebe’s life, I opted to feed a raw diet. Initially, I had concerns over feeding chicken bones, the salmonella factor related to raw chicken and other bacteria/parasites associated with raw meat. The... Continue Reading →

Homemade Dog Food Nutrition Facts

Whoo Hoo! I finally got my little recipe sheet completed! I posted it on its own page, and will get into the details of what it all means in a future post. For now, I am just glad it is... Continue Reading →

The Hunt for Phoebe’s New Diet Begins

My doggie mentor started filling me in on the benefits of adding some raw or boiled meat to Phoebe’s diet.  As a former dog breeder, avid dog lover and owner of five spunky dogs, she has seen it all. Her... Continue Reading →

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